MSPA Fitness
What is MSPA Fitness?
MSPA Fitness uses a circuit training method where you alternate between 8 cardio
board  stations each station lasting 45 seconds. Each weight machine is
designed to work a certain muscle group and each cardio board has a fun exercise
designated to raise your heart rate and burn calories .Weight bearing exercises are
important to prevent bone loss, which causes osteoporosis, and also helps fight
against heart disease which are both serious conditions concerning women’s
health. The weight machines are designed with women's bodies in mind. Lower
weight options and smaller framed weight machines are used here instead of what
you get at the coed gyms where all the machinery is designed for men.

Do I have to wait to use the machines?
No, everyone travels around the circuit in the same direction so you never have to
wait to get on a machine. This makes the process quick and effective and making
two rounds only takes 30 minutes

Are the opportunities for extra cardio and core strengthening at MSPA  
Yes, you can add extra cardio or core strengthening to your workout. We offer
treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles, weighted hula hoops, stability balls, and
resistance bands.

Will a trainer be available for me while I am working out?
Yes, we have a full staff of trainers who can answer all of you workout questions.
We ask that you make at least 3 appointments so that we can give you the time you
need to  fully train and use the equipment properly to prevent injury and to give you
the most effective workout.

How much does it cost?
One year contract
: One time enrollment fee of $50.00 and $29.00 per month
gives you unlimited access to the gym and our trainers.
3 month contract: One time enrollment fee of $50.00 and $39.00 per month.
This is to be paid upfront.
Dance Mom: No enrollment fee and $24.00 per month.

Is there a contract to sign?
Yes. Signing the one year contract locks you into our low rate of $29.00 per month.
As long as you keep current your rate will never increase even if we have a rate

What if I want to cancel my contract?
Canceling within your contracted date is simple. All you have to do is send in a 30
day written notice and pay $10.00 per month that you were a member. For
example, if you were a member for 2 months and are ready to discontinue, you will
pay just $20.00 (plus tax) to cancel your contract.