About Us  
Melissa's Studio of Performing Arts is the former Patti Simmons School
of Dance.  Mrs.  Melissa Seiler is the owner of MSPA.  In 2001, Mrs.
Melissa purchased Patti Simmons School of Dance when
her dance teacher and mentor Mrs. Patti Simmons-Marriott decided to

          Dance Attire
A girl's hair should be pulled up off the neck, away from
the face, and pinned securely for all classes. No jewelry should be
worn that interferes with learning. All students are required to dress
properly for class.
Girls: Wear a leotard and tights.
Guys: Wear a fitted t-shirt and shorts.
All Students Each dance student must have the required
dance shoes designated for their class: tap shoes (flats or heels),
white ballet shoes, and/or black jazz shoes. Students must have a
bag for their shoes. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. Label
all shoes and bag with the student's name.

       Classroom Behavior
No gum, food, or drink is allowed in the  studio. Students should go to the
bathroom before class. Students and visitors should be quiet and courteous
at all times.

      A Note From Mrs. Melissa
My goal is for my students to have a happy experience while learning to move
and dance to rhythm. And through the process, encourage them to the best of
their ability to learn self-discipline, and build self-esteem, and a respect for others.
Thank you for choosing my school in which to study the Art of Dance. I shall
do my best to make this year a truly great learning experience for you through
dance education. You may be assured that although you are not present at
every class, your child is being instructed and disciplined in a manner keenly
associated with progress and efficient dance training.

Class Observation and Watch Days
Observing Classes
I have found that children concentrate much better
if a parent is not present during the lesson. Parents cannot see the real
progress a student makes by watching every lesson. Therefore,
"Watching Day" is held every other month. Watching Days are: the
first lesson in October, the Christmas party in December, the first lesson
in February, and the first lesson in April.

During Watching Days -PLEASE!!!!!
1. Do not attract your child's attention during class.
2. Do not carry on a conversation with your neighbor during the class.
The whispering is disturbing to the teacher, students, and other parents
3. Do not bring babies to the studio on watching day.
4. Do not berate your child in front of others. There is a certain strain on
all of us on observing days, and at times children just try too hard...
5. Patience and understanding are essential, no child wishes to be
inferior to the rest of the class and all children learn at a different rate. In
case of a lack of interest, or if you have any cause to complain about a
child or teacher, do not barge in during class time, or discuss it before
your child or another parent. Ask for a private interview with Mrs. Melissa.
You will receive her attention, respect, and gratitude.